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Tenants – “Need to Know”

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Helpful Hints to Stress Free Renting…….

Moving In

  •  Set up your rent payments – do it now by completing an automatic payment form.  E-Mail or drop it into our office or your bank

  •  Dropped back your property checklist??  Remember to do this in the first few days and email or drop it into our office

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Problem Free Renting

  •  Check you local rubbish collection days

  • Noticed a maintenance issue at your house??   Complete a request and email to us at or contact us by phone

  • Tenants changing at your house??  If you need to add or delete tenants on your tenancy please complete a “Change of Tenant” form and forward to us at the office

Moving Out

  • Need to move out? If you are on a Periodic Lease you will need to give at least 21 days written notice.  If you are on a fixed term lease you will need to confirm with us in writing at least 21 days prior to lease expiry.  Fill out the below form and forward to our office or give us a call to discuss