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Owners – Why Ray White ?

Ray White Whanganui is a 100% Whanganui owned business, employing Whanganui people to manage Whanganui properties. That’s what we are about and that’s what makes us so unique and so successful.

Our Ray White Values

• We only employ the very best people
• We ensure we coach them to become the very best of property managers

• We look after our staff and clients at all times.
• We ask our staff to be courageous, creative and innovative in our marketing to ensure the very best outcome for our clients.

Why you should use Ray White Property Management

The residential tenancies act can be a legal minefield. Are you aware of all the amendments and changes that come into effect? i.e. did you know that if you are outside New Zealand for more than 21 days, the law requires you to appoint a property manager?

Asbestos compliance, a new minefield in property management

Smoke detection systems and compliance, an area to only tread with expertise

Insulation compliance, make sure you know what you need to do and by when.

Here are some of the many good reasons to use a professional property manager.

• Maximise returns – use the our knowledge of the local market to set and review rents, and justify that rent to potential tenants.

• Reduce vacancies – we will source good, reliable tenants quickly, reducing vacant periods.
• Show the property – we will advertise and show the property after vetting potential tenants.
• After hours service – we operate a 24/7 call out service to ensure your property is well looked after.
• Problem tenants – avoid dealing with emotional and disrespectful tenants by placing that in our hands.
• Ensure income collection – we will efficiently collect all monies including rent, bonds and tenant contributions to maintenance.

• Administration – we will pay the accounts and statement to you on a monthly and financial year end basis.

Feel free to contact one of our friendly staff at anytime – they look forward to servicing your Property Management and Investment Portfolio needs.