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Preparing for sale

By Philippa Ivory

Price, presentation, position.

When thinking of selling, the challenge for most of us is to separate ourselves from our home, and see it as ‘the property’.  If you can do this, you are more likely to sell quickly for the best price.

Let’s start with the presentation.  Pop-out to the letterbox and imagine you are arriving for the first time. Can you see your letterbox number, making it easy for people to find you? How do the driveway, garden,  fence, front of the house and front door look? If your dog is inclined to scratch at the door to be let in, a quick coat of paint can make all the difference.

A bit of weeding, getting rid of rubbish and mowing the lawns will all help. If you’re not able to get to this, see if there’s a local club or school fundraising, they might have people keen to help for a donation.

Inside, the key is to declutter. Remove all those personal items, pack family photos, certificates, breakables and collectables away, prepare for your move. While its nice to have pops of colour and a few items around to make the home feel warm, you want to allow the buyers to see themselves in the house, and not spend their time looking at your wedding photos instead of the bedrooms!

When it comes to your position be realistic about how this will affect the price. Sunny, quiet, handy to good schools will help you to achieve your price. On a busy road, trains at the back door, won’t stop a house from selling, if it is priced right. No doubt you’ve got used to it and sleep right through, and they will too, but for now it is an objection and you need to address it, by being well presented and well priced.

An agents role is to help you achieve the premium price for your home by bringing through buyers who will connect with it for the right reason, their reason – a wonderful place to raise a family; a perfect renovation project; a great investment. Don’t be surprised if your agent asks you for your price. Even if you’re not sure of exactly what your home is worth, you may have a price in mind and we need to know, so we can bring the right people through. We can tell you what has sold recently that compares to yours, and what is currently listed in your area with comparable features and together we will agree a plan to sell your home.

Whether you’re ready or just thinking about it, feel free to give us a call, we’re here to help.

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